We build & scale our brands, and yours either.

Color Ecommerce is a disruptive D2C company that provide platform and services for brands to grow & scale. There is no need to worry about distributors or different price tiers. We develop an ecosystem which is cost-saving (sell products at Factory prices) and agile in scale (adjust manufacturing process accordingly to customer feedback)

Assets across the world

Entering the market quickly with a lower entry-level cost, it's our goal for every business. We collab & build our assets including factories & warehouses in Vietnam, Germany and United States. It connects the supply chain to bring us strong foundation for D2C.

Customer centric mindset

With GenZ-ers, they prefer D2C brands over traditional retailers. We leverage all digital marketing & social marketing insights to understand the target customers and bring them what they value the most.

Top-notch Technical Stacks

All the best technical stacks are put together to provide the best platforms to support D2C ecommerce. Our strong team of technicians are ready to tackle any challenge of distributing our products from warehouse to the web-front

Our Brand Categories

ceo of unipod


Fast fashion is a trend that has taken the retail industry by storm. It is characterized by agility-oriented, vertical supply chains geared for speed-to-market. The fast fashion industry has grown from a niche market to a mainstream one over the past decade. Today, fast fashion accounts for more than $260 billion in global annual sales and continues to grow.

We select Fast Fashion to build our own brand that brings joy for woman shopping. There’s no need to worry about the budget, you still stay on top of the trending with affordable & fashionable fast fashion items including Top to Bottom, from Tshirt to Dress, from Homewear to Party concepts.

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